Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Increasing confidence & value by adding objective metrics to your PPM program/practice.

The Problem

Nowadays, in our digital world, most of the programs & projects are either directly or indirectly correlated to applications.  Although the PPM discipline excels in managing schedules, resources, skills and budgets to deliver what’s expected, the end product or deliverable is very often related to applications.  Objectives like “on time” or “on budget” are very important, but they can have little to do with the ultimate desired outcome – a high quality application that meets the needs of the business.  Measuring and monitoring the quality of an application during the project provides another level of comfort that the project will deliver what’s expected.

The Solution

CAST Highlight provides a smart integration with your current PPM (Project Portfolio Management) practice.

CAST Highlight supports the opportunity assessment process by providing accurate diagnostics for the scoping phase of the project. The fact-based & code-level analysis allows users to compare with peers via a worldwide benchmark and conduct sound go/no go decisions to ultimately trigger smart investments.  During project execution, CAST Highlight monitors key metrics such as risk, complexity and cost related to the application(s) to provide objective health checks and trending insights.

Risk Prevention

Continuously monitor production risk to optimize customer experience and mitigate negative image risk.


Track the adaptability and maintenance estimate trends to control time and budget.


Consistently measure and share the business value at all delivery phases.


Monitor risk, complexity & cost trends across project milestones and share analytics with stakeholders.

Smart Decision

Proactively support the opportunity assessment process by providing fact based information on the Application Portfolio (risk, cost & value) for the scoping & recommendation phases.


Leverage industry benchmarking to analyze risks and costs in order to trigger sound investments.

  • Highlight is a really helpful tool for an organization like us, it helped us in making strategic decision towards business investment.

    Frederic Veron, Fannie MaeSVP Head of Business Application Development
  • CAST complements our offerings in the technology space with hard facts and metrics.

    Benjamin Rehberg, BCGPartner & Managing Director


Lift & Extend: Pragmatic Keys to Establish a Virtuous Circle for your Cloud Adoption Strategy

This document lists the key thoughts and steps that large organizations should implement across their application portfolio and teams, in order to establish a strong virtuous circle that will support their Cloud migration strategy that can scale globally. It’s a Cloud adoption framework we could summarize in two words: Lift & Extend.

IBM “A Fact-Based Approach To Portfolio Rationalization”

window.location.replace(""); As companies grow through acquisitions and mergers, the applications that support these enterprises grow. Each application brings a set of business rules, business processes and technologies, many of which raise the cost of support. As these applications become more complex, the rate of change slows as a result. In a time when enterprises must [...]

Key Features & Analytics

Fast & Easy

Taking control of your Application Portfolio has never been so easy. Onboard your applications in minutes and get fact-based analytics on software risks, technical debt & software maintenance costs.

Code-Level Analytics

Highlight identifies the missing piece in your APM puzzle: exclusive and fact-based insight on your software quality risks through a painless code-level analysis (SAP, COBOL, JEE, C#, C/C++, etc.)

Bank-Grade Security

Your code never leaves your environment.  In addition, we take care of the confidentiality, integrity & security of your application portfolio analytics & assessment – we’ve been certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013


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