How it works

CAST is a world class leader of Software Quality measurement and analytics.
See how Highlight works and know why it is unique.

Easy to use, highly secure
and lightning FAST

No centralized source code repository? Have application leads across the world? Confidentiality or security issues related to the source code? No problem…

No costly code collection process is needed. No code is uploaded to the cloud. No deployment process and no ongoing infrastructure, support, or configuration is needed. Just follow these 3 steps and get an unprecedented management insight into your application portfolio. Tomorrow. Not in 2 years.

Step 1

Distributed and Light Speed Analysis

Send an email to all project leads (working whether in house or at outsourcers sites) or application owners with simple instructions on how they can access the CAST Highlight portal. They download a local agent, scan their relevant code stack, and answer a few survey questions online. Simple as pie, and hundreds of project leads can complete the process simultaneously in just 10 minutes.


Step 2

Upload Encrypted Results in Private and Secured Cloud

All project leads or application owners upload an encrypted file containing analysis results to the CAST Highlight portal. CAST Highlight is compliant with the highest regulations, standards, and best practices in security. And again, no source code is gathered by this process.


Step 3

Enjoy Unprecedented Management Insight

CAST Highlight uses answers to the survey to contextualize the source code-based intelligence gathered by the agent, and instantly generates intuitive heat maps, charts, and graphs to support critical planning decisions such as IT budgeting, sourcing strategies, and application portfolio rationalization.


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