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The Highlight Partner Program connects CAST with companies that provide Enterprise Architecture, Application Portfolio Management and Project Portfolio Management solutions, providing integration opportunities with Highlight’s SaaS-based application portfolio measurement technology.


When joined to EA, APM and PPM solutions, Highlight brings an added layer of visibility to mission-critical applications and points to software quality issues so they can be solved before problems arise. This leads to improved application portfolio health, preparing the end user for scalable growth in a digital world.


The program has two primary roles and goals

Establish a network of Technology Partners – the Highlight Partner Program connects Enterprise Architecture, Application Portfolio Management and Project Portfolio Mmanagement providers to bring new, integrated solutions to market.

Create new opportunities with Service Providers – the Highlight Partner Program opens new revenue streams for consultants and advisory firms by adding fact-based insights to their expert advice.


CAST Highlight adds objective metrics to existing enterprise architectures, supplying fact-based data on application risks, complexity and costs.  It was built to complement existing EA programs, easily exporting this objective information for consumption by a variety of EA tools.

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Application Portfolio

Objective metrics around production risk and application complexity can now be viewed directly in your APM solution, providing answers to a new level of impact analysis questions.  Provide your customers with an unparalleled visibility across the portfolio.

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Project Portfolio

Highlight supports the opportunity assessment process by providing accurate diagnostics for the scoping phase of the project. The fact-based & code-level analysis allows users to compare with peers via a worldwide benchmark and conduct sound go/no go decisions to trigger smart investments..

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Technology Partners


Services/Advisory Partners

  • Analysis enabled by CAST Highlight and similar products can provide insight and help inject objectivity to improve IT collaboration, furthering business goals and helping to drive revenue.

    Melinda BALLOUInformation Technology Industry Analyst at IDC

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