CIO Onboarding

An objective analysis of the IT portfolio.

The Problem

Congratulations on your new position as CIO.  As with all new jobs, it’s time to get your arms around your people, processes and technologies so you know what you have to work with.  The problem is, when you start gathering information on your IT portfolio, it seems you get the same answer: “Everything’s great with this application.  We have a lot of users and the quality is excellent.  We need to invest more in this application – it’s really strategic”.  Can you trust that feedback?  In the past, you had to.  Not anymore.

The Solution

CAST Highlight gives the CIO an objective view of his/her application portfolio.  In a matter of days, the CIO can have fact-based metrics on the quality, cost and complexity of the portfolio they now are responsible for.  Integrating this objective view, along with feedback from owners and users, provides the CIO with the perfect amount of visibility.  Now you have all the information you need to create innovation, reduce costs, or drive efficiency.

Risk Prevention

Understand clearly the applications that are more likely to fail/ break in production and consequently impact the image of the IT department.


Identify the underlying/inner complexity and adaptability of the application portfolio which might slow down the roadmap execution.


Share the application ranking/positioning against an industry benchmark.


Convey the consolidated technical debt to justify new enterprise standards adoption within the IT roadmap.

Smart Decision

Provide sound recommendations & smart decisions based on objective analytics.


Be armed, confident and proactive during the strategic planning exercises.

  • Highlight is a really helpful tool for an organization like us, it helped us in making strategic decision towards business investment.

    Frederic Veron, Fannie MaeSVP Head of Business Application Development
  • CAST complements our offerings in the technology space with hard facts and metrics.

    Benjamin Rehberg, BCGPartner & Managing Director


Key Features & Analytics

Fast & Easy

Taking control of your Application Portfolio has never been so easy. Onboard your applications in minutes and get fact-based analytics on software risks, technical debt & software maintenance costs.

Code-Level Analytics

Highlight identifies the missing piece in your APM puzzle: exclusive and fact-based insight on your software quality risks through a painless code-level analysis (SAP, COBOL, JEE, C#, C/C++, etc.)

Bank-Grade Security

Your code never leaves your environment.  In addition, we take care of the confidentiality, integrity & security of your application portfolio analytics – we’ve been certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013


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