Automated Framework Discovery

During code scan of your applications, Highlight automatically detects usage of frameworks and librairies to aggregate this data into your Highlight dashboards. Find below the list of the frameworks we support so far.


ant, apache commons, OFBiz, apache POI, Apache Shale, Sling, Apache Struts, Apache Tapestry, Apache Wicket, AppFuse, commons-logging, CORBA, DbUnit, dom4j, Eclipse RAP, easymock, FreeMarker, FormEngine, Grails, GWT, hamcrest, Hamlets, Hibernate, HSQLDB, ItsNat, jackson, JavaServer Faces, javassist, JAXR, jersey, jettison, jsonPath, JBoss Seam, JNA, JPA, json-simple, Jspx, junit, JVx WebUI, log4j, ManyDesigns Portofino, mx4j, objenesis, OpenLaszlo, OpenXava, Oracle ADF, Play!, powermock, protobuf, RIFE, RMI, SLF4J, SmartClient, spring, Stripes, struts, ThinWire, vaadin, Wavemaker, WebObjects, WebWork, ZK, ztemplates

AngularJS, appaccelerator, Backbone, Backbone.BabySitter, Backbone.Wreqr, batman, bootstrap, CanJS, derby, dojo, durandal, EmberJS, Express, ExtJS, geddy, handlebars, hapi, jquery, kendo-ui, knockout, less, LoopBack, Marionette, Meteor, nodejs, openui5, PhoneGap, polymer, prototype, RequireJS, sails, socket.io, Spine, underscore

boost, cegui, CppCMS, DirectX, fltk, GNOME ,GTK, gtkmm, JUCE, KDE, MFC, OpenGL, Platinum, POCO, QT, Reason, SDL, STL, Tntnet, ultimate++, Wt, WxWidgets

Aforge, CSLA, EasyMock.NET, FakeItEasy, JustMock, monoRail, Moq, Nancy, Nmock, Nsubstitute, Rhino Mocks, TypeMock Isolator

Agavi, Akelos, Aiki, AppFlower, Atomik, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Copix, Cotonti, Directus, Drupal, e107, eZ Publish, Flow3, FuelPHP, Fusebox, Horde, Jelix, Joomla!, Kajona, Kumbia PHP, Laravel, Lithium, Midgard, MODX, Mouf, Phalcon, PRADO, Qcodo, Seagull, SilverStripe, Symfony, WebSite-PHP, Xyster, Yii, Zend, Zeta, Zikula

In complement of these supported frameworks, CAST Highlight also retrieves and references other framework and library dependencies through the analysis of dependency & requirement configuration files, such as pom.xml (Java/Maven), .json (Javascript), and .vcproj (C#).