Features & Analytics

CAST Highlight delivers the features and analytics you need to rapidly assess and manage your application portfolio with code-level facts, not opinions.


Helicopter View on your Portfolio Health


Highlight enables you to quickly and objectively measure the risk, complexity and cost of your application portfolio – in days.  Using a distributed and painless process, you can have exclusive insight into application risks and opportunities before any investment, rationalization or retirement decision is made on an IT asset.

Production Risk
Software Complexity
Adaptability Risk

Fact-Based & Code-Level Risk Analysis

CAST has been a leader in Software Quality Measurement since 1990.  Highlight searches for hundreds of problematic code patterns and bad programming practices that increase risks and costs in your software. Performance, reliability, robustness & readability metrics give you facts about your portfolio you’ve never seen before.


Application Benchmarks

How are your applications compared to industry peers? Are your core business applications more risky or complex than the average? Highlight benchmarks each application in your portfolio against 1200+ anonymous applications. Compare “apples to apples” using more than a dozen benchmarking dimensions (e.g. technology, application type or exposure, team skills and turnover ratio, total end-users, etc.).


Portfolio Demographics

How many applications in your portfolio are written in Java?  What are the most customer-vital applications? Which development teams have the highest turnover? Get numbers on your application landscape and easily see the associated technical risks.


Maintenance Effort Estimate

Where can you cut costs without degrading support to the business?  Using code-level metrics and COCOMO II (a cost estimation model for software development projects), Highlight tells you where and why you should increase or decrease your maintenance workforce.


Trends on Application KPIs

How to ensure risks are effectively mitigated? Are your risks decreasing or increasing across time?Highlight records the evolution of each risk indicator to let you know if your remediation strategy is finally paying.

Effortless Onboarding

Thanks to a distributed workflow, adding a new application in Highlight takes minutes only:  scan code locally, answer a short web-based survey, your application is instantly available in Highlight.

Local Code Scan

We care about data privacy. At any moment, your source code doesn’t leave your infrastructure. Scan your application locally with our Highlight Agent, then upload metrics. See how it works

Scan 16+ Technologies

Highlight scans risks for major technologies. 16+ programming languages are supported: Java, Javascript, JSP, COBOL, SAP/Abap, C/C++, C#, PHP, Visual Basic, T-SQL, PL/SQL, Shell scripts…

Framework Inventory

Know the version, type and licensing of the frameworks used by your applications. Highlight references 100+ frameworks such as AngularJS, Spring, Backbone, Symfony, Zend, Hibernate, etc.

Role-Based Dashboards

At each level of your organization, enroll users with different profiles and associated visibility: Portfolio Managers, Contributors and Viewers.

Integration with EA & APM tools

In order to inject objective metrics into the EA and APM process, key Highlight indicators can now be integrated into third-party solutions such as Mega, BiZZdesign and Casewise.

Flexible Dashboard Filtering

You can filter results you’re seeing in the different screens & dashboards: by domains (eg: Business Units), technologies or specific time ranges, or a combination of these filtering criteria.

Portfolio Data Export

Export your portfolio results in standard formats. Highlight natively supports PowerPoint, but also XML and CSV data export in order to let you build custom reports on top of CAST Highlight outputs.

Customizable Surveys

Gather and aggregate data on your applications across your organization, to build exclusive additional risk analyses. These custom surveys can also be used for internal benchmarks of your entire portfolio.


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